Parallax Diabolus

He’s kind of cute looking. Yet another one of my original characters.


For those days when you have the hurts at five am.

Talis Cheetah Blep

An original anthro cheetah character of mine. Blep.

Lil’ Lorax

Lorax Dragyn. Another one of my original characters from Shadowlack.

Jaceen Lapices Falling

Jaceen Lapices. A Pendragon character that I roleplay from Shadowlack. Lyrics are from the song “If I Fall” by Aqualung.


I’m not even sure what this is.

Diablos Trade

My half of an art trade with Alanna.

Party Time

A bunch of my original characters alongside one guest character. From left to right: Kakosenas Shriker (purple), Illiosdiskos (yellow), Fishbob (fish lover), Okkie (not mine!), Parallax (white/blue), Solace (sleeping), Spectra (red/black), Nykterinos (eh?)


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