Jodie Struthers currently lives in Calgary, Alberta and attended the Alberta College of Art & Design for a Bachelor of Design degree (BDes) in Visual Communications Design. Jodie has extensive knowledge in regards to Web Development (HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Python, PHP, and more), design and current coding standards, and generally spends free time either hanging out with awesome people, leather working, drawing creatures, developing web sites, playing video games, or writing.

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Personal Projects

Jodie's brain children.

  • Shadowlack - A Play-by-Post roleplaying game and World Building project.
  • RPGfix - A roleplaying game directory.

The Menagerie



Domestic Short Hair

AKA Moog, Jingles, King Pin
Zero Cool

Zero Cool


AKA Dade, Fluffy, Floof, Delicious Friend
Red Cherry Shrimp

Cat Snacks

Freshwater Shrimp (Neocaridina)

I don't actually feed them to the cats. OwO
Amel Stripe Corn Snake


Amel Stripe Corn Snake

Nope rope, danger noodle.