Jodie Struthers - UI/UX Developer and Illustrator

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

An accomplished, ambitious and practical Designer and Web Developer, quick to learn new skills and readily adapt to new environments. Fluent in English and a lifelong-learner. Seeking a worthwhile and engaging position in an organization where creativity, discipline, and attention to detail would be of utmost importance.


  • Bachelor of Design degree in Visual Communications Design
  • Over 16 years of developing web sites
  • Can communicate ideas and concepts clearly with clients
  • Full project management from initial concept, debugging and testing, to final release
  • Ability to collaborate with Web Designers and other visual thinkers, as well as developers
  • Familiarity with various web-based technologies, and a willingness to learn and try new technologies as they are made available
  • An understanding of SEO, social media, online marketing, and Oxford commas
UI/UX 85% Adobe Photoshop 90% Adobe Illustrator 80% HTML/CSS 100%
JavaScript 85% PHP 85% Python 70% Java 60%

Technical Experience and Proficiency

  • HTML/CSS (LESS/Sass) with responsive design
  • Programming Languages: JavaScript (jQuery/Prototype/Vue.js), PHP (Laravel), Java (Groovy on Grails), Python (Django)
  • Database Design: MariaDB/MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL
  • Image Manipulation: ImageMagick, GD Graphics Library
  • CMS Solutions:, Craft CMS, Web Solutions Management Server (RedDot/OpenText), WordPress, Drupal
  • Forum Solutions: XenForo, phpBB, InvisionPower Board
  • Workflow: LEMP/LAMP local development/Vagrant, Git/Mercurial DVCS, Bower, Grunt, Apache/Nginx

Technical Certifications

  • PCI-101 PCI Awareness (web)
  • S-102 Advanced Security Awareness 2010 (web)
  • S-101 Basic Security Awareness 2011 (web)


I offer the following services on a freelance contract basis.

UI/UX Design

W3C standards front-end development, user experience improvement, and application flow.


Character design, spot illustrations, t-shirt design, poster design, brand creation, and more.


Custom web applications solutions, Linux server upgrades and maintenance, and add-on creation.

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Bachelor of Design, Visual Communications Design

Alberta College of Art & Design

Calgary, Alberta

Art Fundamentals Diploma with Honours

Georgian College

Barrie, Ontario

Professional Experience

UX/Web Application Developer and Illustrator


Sep 2009 — Present

  • Communicating ideas and concepts with individual clients
  • Meeting deadlines and meeting or surpassing expectations
  • Working alongside clients, development team and project managers to assign tasks and maintain collaborative work-flow
  • Full project management from initial concept, debugging and testing, to final release
  • Development includes HTML/CSS, PHP (Laravel/CodeIgniter), MySQL, UNIX/Linux, various CMS systems, and LAMP toolsets
  • jQuery, Prototype/Scriptaculous, and JavaScript development frameworks
  • Designing with CSS media queries for responsive design
  • Writing custom user management systems, private messaging, forums, caching, PSD to HTML conversion, GD Graphics Library image manipulation, script integration, general SEO, and custom modules/add-ons

Application/Web Developer

Blue Ocean Interactive Marketing

Jan 2012 — Nov 2012

  • Creating solutions, add-ons, and modifications for companies using Joomla
  • Implementing, and re-implementing, dynamic image generation product builder for OpenCart
  • Creating custom website solutions using CodeIgniter with social media integration
  • Illustrating various works for both internal and external client use

User Interface Developer

Vogogo Inc. (Redfall)

Sep 2010 — Aug 2011

  • Working on design and W3C standards front-end development for various Java (Grails) applications
  • Improving application user experience and application flow
  • HTML email marketing template creation and testing for use with Campaign Monitor
  • Completed Anti-Money Laundering & Counter Terrorist Financing (AML/CTF) Level 1 training courses as a developer for PCI compliance

Web Coordinator

Agrium Inc.

Aug 2009 — Sep 2010

  • Managing intranet and external corporate websites
  • Developing sites that utilize the enterprise level CMS, Web Solutions Management Server (RedDot) by Open Text
  • Executing, controlling, and closing web content implementation tasks (new site design integration with RedDot)
  • Developing web applications, add-ons and enhancements using Prototype, jQuery, XML, XSLT, ASP, and other technologies
  • Coordination of web content changes for individual clients
  • Development of front-ends for Google Search Appliance

Jr. Web Developer

Calgary International Film Festival

Jun 2007 — Sep 2007

  • Maintaining, updating and creating pages using XHTML, CSS, PHP, and SQL
  • Collaborating with the different departments and prioritizing tasks
  • Performed as a liaison between the design company, Rare Method, and the Calgary International Film Festival in order to ensure ease of production
  • Organizing and maintaining the online version of the Festival’s program
  • Assisting the in-house Graphic Designer with print advertisements
  • Researching the possibilities of online streaming video

Volunteer Experience & Causes

Ladies Learning Code

May 2013

Education Mentoring for Ladies Learning Code, an organization that runs workshops for women (and men), who want to learn beginner-friendly computer programming and other technical skills in a social and collaborative way.


Leatherworking, information security, aquascaping, video games, Pokémon, biking, creative writing, monsters