Jodie Struthers - UI/UX Developer and Illustrator

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

An accomplished, ambitious, entrepreneurial, and practical UX Designer and Senior Web Application Developer, quick to learn new skills and readily adapt to new environments. Fluent in English and a lifelong-learner. Seeking a worthwhile and engaging position in an organization where people, creativity, and passion are of value.


  • Bachelor of Design degree in Visual Communications Design
  • Over 16 years of developing web sites
  • Can communicate ideas and concepts clearly with clients
  • Full project management from initial concept, debugging and testing, to final release
  • Ability to collaborate with Web Designers and other visual thinkers, as well as developers
  • Familiarity with various web-based technologies, and a willingness to learn and try new technologies as they are made available
  • An understanding of SEO, social media, online marketing, and Oxford commas

Technical Experience and Proficiency

  • HTML/CSS (LESS/Sass) with responsive design
  • Programming Languages: JavaScript (jQuery/Prototype/Vue.js), PHP (Laravel), Java (Groovy on Grails), Python (Django)
  • Database Design: MariaDB/MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL
  • Image Manipulation: ImageMagick, GD Graphics Library
  • CMS Solutions:, Craft CMS, Web Solutions Management Server (RedDot/OpenText), WordPress, Drupal
  • Forum Solutions: XenForo, phpBB, InvisionPower Board
  • Workflow: LEMP/LAMP local development/Vagrant, Git/Mercurial DVCS, Bower, Grunt, Apache/Nginx

Technical Certifications

  • PCI-101 PCI Awareness (web)
  • S-102 Advanced Security Awareness 2010 (web)
  • S-101 Basic Security Awareness 2011 (web)


I offer the following services on a freelance contract basis.

UI/UX Design

W3C standards front-end development, user experience improvement, and application flow.


Character design, spot illustrations, t-shirt design, poster design, brand creation, and more.


Custom web applications solutions, Linux server upgrades and maintenance, and add-on creation.

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Bachelor of Design, Visual Communications Design

Alberta College of Art & Design

Calgary, Alberta

Art Fundamentals Diploma with Honours

Georgian College

Barrie, Ontario

Professional Experience

UX/Web Application Developer and Illustrator


Sep 2009 — Present

  • Communicating ideas and concepts with individual clients
  • Meeting deadlines and meeting or surpassing expectations
  • Working alongside clients, development team and project managers to assign tasks and maintain collaborative work-flow
  • Full project management from initial concept, debugging and testing, to final release
  • Development includes HTML/CSS, PHP (Laravel/CodeIgniter), MySQL, UNIX/Linux, various CMS systems, and LAMP toolsets
  • jQuery, Prototype/Scriptaculous, and JavaScript development frameworks
  • Designing with CSS media queries for responsive design
  • Writing custom user management systems, private messaging, forums, caching, PSD to HTML conversion, GD Graphics Library image manipulation, script integration, general SEO, and custom modules/add-ons

Application/Web Developer

Blue Ocean Interactive Marketing

Jan 2012 — Nov 2012

  • Creating solutions, add-ons, and modifications for companies using Joomla
  • Implementing, and re-implementing, dynamic image generation product builder for OpenCart
  • Creating custom website solutions using CodeIgniter with social media integration
  • Illustrating various works for both internal and external client use

User Interface Developer

Vogogo Inc. (Redfall)

Sep 2010 — Aug 2011

  • Working on design and W3C standards front-end development for various Java (Grails) applications
  • Improving application user experience and application flow
  • HTML email marketing template creation and testing for use with Campaign Monitor
  • Completed Anti-Money Laundering & Counter Terrorist Financing (AML/CTF) Level 1 training courses as a developer for PCI compliance

Web Coordinator

Agrium Inc.

Aug 2009 — Sep 2010

  • Managing intranet and external corporate websites
  • Developing sites that utilize the enterprise level CMS, Web Solutions Management Server (RedDot) by Open Text
  • Executing, controlling, and closing web content implementation tasks (new site design integration with RedDot)
  • Developing web applications, add-ons and enhancements using Prototype, jQuery, XML, XSLT, ASP, and other technologies
  • Coordination of web content changes for individual clients
  • Development of front-ends for Google Search Appliance

Jr. Web Developer

Calgary International Film Festival

Jun 2007 — Sep 2007

  • Maintaining, updating and creating pages using XHTML, CSS, PHP, and SQL
  • Collaborating with the different departments and prioritizing tasks
  • Performed as a liaison between the design company, Rare Method, and the Calgary International Film Festival in order to ensure ease of production
  • Organizing and maintaining the online version of the Festival’s program
  • Assisting the in-house Graphic Designer with print advertisements
  • Researching the possibilities of online streaming video

Volunteer Experience & Causes

Chic Geek

January 2018 - June 2018

Facilitated hosting Chic Geek's technical and professional development mentorship program for women using Axia's donated space.

Ladies Learning Code

May 2013

Education Mentoring for Ladies Learning Code, an organization that runs workshops for women (and men), who want to learn beginner-friendly computer programming and other technical skills in a social and collaborative way.


Leatherworking, information security, aquascaping, video games, Pokémon, biking, creative writing, monsters